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Announcements : SGSP Humphreys Application Terms
Announcement: SGSP Humphreys Application Terms

Applications for Don and Cathey Humphreys Long-term Travel Grants are processed on a rolling basis to allow for increased flexibility to the Humphreys chair in awarding funding to students. Please use the below chart to help you to decide which term for which you should apply.

*Please apply to the application term in which your Travel Start Date (your departure date) falls. I.e. Someone who whould be departing on June 11th would apply for the Summer term. 
Application Terms
Term Name Travel Start Date (Begin) Travel Start Date (End)
Spring (Humphreys) 12/1 3/1
Late Spring (Humphreys) 3/1 5/1
Summer (Humphreys) 5/1 6/16
Late Summer (Humphreys) 6/16 8/1
Fall (Humphreys) 8/1 10/1
Late Fall (Humphreys) 10/1 12/1