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Programs : Budget Sheet
The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for University of Tartu.

Spring Budget Sheet for University of Tartu

Spring Budget Sheet for University of Tartu
Budget Item In-State
OSU Tuition & Fees   $5,300.00
Room & Board   $2,600.00
Books/Supplies   $175.00
Local Transportation   $50.00
Personal/Miscellaneous   $600.00
Insurance   $375.00
Application Fee   $300.00
Total: $9,400.00
  1. Costs listed on this budget sheet are an estimate. Actual costs will be unique to you and depend on your individual circumstances and program start and end dates.
  2. Tuition & Fees listed above are based on 15 credit hours of in-state, Oklahoma residential credit. Non-resident students who pay out-of-state tuition will continue to be billed at the non-resident tuition rate.
  3. Total does not include costs for passport, visa, round-trip transport, personal travel, or any fees charged by the host institution.  
NOTE: Expenses may vary by student. Please speak to the Study Abroad Office about your individual costs. Last updated November 2017.