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Program Description:

PLEASE NOTE: You have the ability to save your application without submitting it and return to it at a later date. To re-access the application, go to your Applicant Home page.

Application Terms

Applications for Don and Cathey Humphreys Long-term Travel Grants are processed on a rolling basis to allow for increased flexibility to the Humphreys chair in awarding funding to students. Please use the below Dates/ Deadlines chart at the bottom of the brochure to help you to decide the term for which you should apply. 

Humphreys’ Travel Grant FAQs

Q: Who is eligible for Humphreys Chair Travel Award support?

A: Any OSU student with a long-term (8 weeks or more) overseas study or internship proposal. Undergraduates and graduate students at all levels are eligible. There are no restrictions on subjects or degree programs.

Q: Is this the same as the Humphreys’ Study Abroad Scholarship administered by the OSU Study Abroad office?

A: No. It is a separate award with a separate application process. Applications are submitted electronically and may be accessed from the main page of this website.

Q: Are there limits on where I can go?

A: There is a preference for destinations other than the capitals of Western Europe. However, even this is not a rigid requirement – your destination should be a place where you can accomplish your proposed project or activity.
Regions that have active US State Department Travel Warnings are not eligible as destinations. The current list may be found on the State Department website:
Please note that only warnings (not advisories) carry this limitation, and that while warnings are listed by country they are sometimes limited to specific regions. If you are interested in going to a country with a travel warning you should examine the detailed information to see whether the warning applies to the particular region you have in mind.

Q: Is there a standard or established award amount?

A: No. The application includes a detailed budget estimate. All or part of the proposed budget may be awarded.

Q: Is financial need a criterion for an award?

A: No. Proposals are considered on merit alone. There is no need to submit FAFSA documents or other financial information. However, any additional support for the proposed project from other sources (such as other Study Abroad scholarship awards) should be reported and will be considered.

Q: How are awards decided?

A: The current Humphreys Chairs review the received applications and make a committee decision on awards.

Q: What is the deadline for application?

A: There is no specific deadline for applications, but you should apply far in advance of your proposed program or travel. Also, if you are applying for support from more than one source (such as other study abroad scholarships) you should coordinate with the deadlines for those applications. Application deadlines for awards administered through the Study Abroad office are mid-October for following spring semester programs, and the end of January for following summer, fall semester, and full year academic programs. You should plan at least a similar lead-time for your application for Chair support.

Q: If I receive Chair support, can I apply for other study abroad awards?

A: Yes. A Humphreys Chair award does not preclude application for other scholarships through the Study Abroad office or other sources (such as the Bailey Award in the College of Arts and Sciences). However, support cannot be simply “piled up;” a fully-funded Chair proposal is unlikely to be supplemented by other awards since this would be a detriment to opportunities for others. There is a location on the application for you to detail other sources of funding for this trip, including both funding you have received and funding for which you have applied or intend to apply.

Q: If I receive an award, how are funds disbursed?

A: Awards are processed as OSU travel documents. As such, most of the funds are disbursed on a reimbursement basis. This means that you will have to arrange to cover most expenses and get paid back later. There are some exceptions to this (for example, your airfare may be prepaid), but for the most part you will need to advance most expenses and receive reimbursement. The awarded amount is either sent to you via check to the address you provide or is deposited directly into your bank account, depending on whether you are an active OSU employee or not. Depending on the award size, the reimbursement may occur in more than one transaction due to system limitations.

Q: Am I responsible for prepaid expenses if I do not go on my planned travel program?

A: Yes, you are responsible for all expenditures from the awarded grant amount. If, for example, your air ticket is purchased in advance and you do not use it, you are fully liable for the expense and will be expected to reimburse the Humphreys Award account.

Q: Do I receive academic credit for my time overseas?

A: Yes. Enrollment for academic credit is required and may be received by registering under any appropriate course designation and number. You should enroll in an appropriate number of credit hours for your degree program, in consultation with your advisor. Internships are eligible for support, but you must enroll for internship academic credit. Consult your academic advisor for details on how to acquire the maximum amount of appropriate academic credit for your experience.

Q: Are there special additional requirements associated with accepting Humphreys Chair support?

A: Award recipients are expected to produce a report of their activities suitable for presentation to the Humphreys and for inclusion in our records. This is consistent with expectations for other award and scholarship recipients.
If you receive an award, you will also be expected to complete and turn in the items listed under the “Forms” link on this website.

Q: Does a Humphreys Chair Travel award have an impact on my financial aid?

A:The total amount of the grant is reported to the OSU Financial Aid office.

Q: Where should I direct questions I may have about the program expectations or my ideas for a proposal?

A: Any of the Humphreys Chairs. There are currently five, and their contact information is available on a link found on the main website page. Naturally, you should also discuss your idea and proposal with your faculty members in the appropriate fields or subject areas. You may also ask questions by clicking the "Request Information" button above.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Fall 2024 08/01/2024 08/15/2024 TBA TBA